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TESISQUARE’s growth continues: 2023 turnover reaches €54 million

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TESISQUARE’s growth continues: 2023 turnover reaches €54 million

Revenues up 10% compared to the previous year: investments in R&D and international expansion drive growth

TESISQUARE, a leading Italian company in the creation of digital supply chain solutions, announces that it has approved the financial statements for 2023, with the year ending at €54 million, up +10% on the previous year (€49 million), and a pre-tax profit of €5.5 million.

The company from Cherasco, which has built up strong expertise over the years from its many years of experience in the supply chain market, has continued its internationalisation drive over the past year. In 2023, the Cuneo-based company strengthened its presence in the French market through a strategic agreement with Puissance i, a company specialising in transport management systems. Further acquisitions are planned in the next five years both in Europe and in North America, where Tesisquare opened an office in New York in 2022.

Tesisquare continuously strives to implement innovative platforms and solutions: in 2023, it invested around 9% of its turnover in R&D. This allocation allows the company to maintain its market leadership by offering its customers increasingly advanced and targeted solutions. The goal is to turn challenges into opportunities, creating value through technological innovation.

The company has also grown in terms of talent with 45 additional staff members during the year, including both new hires and acquisition-related personnel. To support its employees with regard to the cost of living, Tesisquare allocated approximately €1.8m in 2023 through a series of economic incentives including fuel vouchers, increased value of meal vouchers, vouchers and pay rises equal to an additional month’s salary.

“The results obtained underline the Group’s important growth project, through a strategy aimed at consolidating technological skills and innovating organisational processes, thanks to targeted investments in strategic players that complement us. Our growth plan will continue and despite a period of strong macroeconomic uncertainty, we are confident about our expansion into international markets, first and foremost Europe and North America,” remarked TESISQUARE founder and CEO Giuseppe Pacotto. “Growth in turnover must always be accompanied by growth in people’s opportunities and well-being, which is why we try to pursue measures and initiatives to foster our employees’ engagement and share the results of our growth with them. Social, environmental and governance sustainability plays an increasingly important role in our company, which is why we have started an ESG certification process.”


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