The Tesisquare Ecosystem
A network of companies with a common goal

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Shared expertise and networking accelerate innovation and growth. All the partners in the ecosystem help all our customers achieve their goals.


Our Ecosystem values


Being part of the Tesisquare ecosystem means sharing the skills and know-how acquired over the years. Joining our Group means becoming part of a network exchanging ideas and projects


The strength of ecosystem Tesisquare lies in the ability to expand the limits of individual companies by creating a single collective force, which increases the possible solutions available to our customers


Each individual company in the ecosystem is fully integrated with the others. This makes it possible to expand the range of services offered by having the opportunity to create a contamination of ideas and projects

Tesisquare Network

Our Ecosystem companies

They cover different sectors linked by a common goal: innovation


Ansel Technology is a mobile and APP competence centre for retail management. It offers state-of-the-art, modular and customisable IT solutions based on real-time market needs.

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BME specializes in the design and implementation of customized web and mobile software applications for large companies, SMEs and start-ups.

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Cambieri designs IT solutions from the industrial world to the web, from management to mobile, from networks to IOT and new interfaces. The solutions are turnkey and involve the installation of MIcroPCs equipped with a customised Debian Linux distribution. Apps and WebApps exploit a wide range of languages and tools, both open-source and proprietary, and we participate as a technical reference to start-ups in the field of transport management and digital marketing.

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Compet-e is the Competence Centre for Reg tech (Compliance) issues founded in 2000, to operate in data privacy, data security and business intelligence. It has developed a set of solutions (privacy management, management of system administrator logs, an anti-money laundering verification system) which it distributes directly at local level and through partners nationwide.

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DEN4CE (Digital Enterprise Network 4 Customer Electronics) was born in 2021, thanks to the partnership of Tesisquare, EDIEL International and Wins. The processes digitization allows to reach considerable advantages in terms of efficiency, thanks to greater ease of data retrieval and accuracy, the reduction of processing times and the improvement of the information exchange, this even more when extended from and to external partners (customers and suppliers).

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Elision S.r.l.

Elision, the IoT company by Tesisquare, is active in IoT & Digital Product Lifecycle Management. Specialised in services and solutions to provide products with a digital identity (serialisation, anti-counterfeiting, consumer engagement, end-to-end traceability, and sustainability), its goal is to connect brands with consumers through a "One Partner" approach.

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A digital retail platform for physical and virtual stores, that offers a complete range of configurations, from mobile (Tablet & Smartphones) to standard POS systems, independent from the operating system.. Our back end engine is Elvis Boss: a Multifunction Digital HUB, that makes available functions and data to be processed or analyzed to any interface: it is natively integrated with Memphis and can easily interact with E-commerce platforms, CRMs, ERPs or other POS Applications.

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Nextop helps companies improve their management and organizational industrial processes through the implementation and delivery of application solutions and consulting services. The areas of competence cover the more traditional aspects of implementation of Extended E.R.P. type systems, up to more innovative components both at application and technological level, such as Post-Sales, Supply Chain fullfilment, C.R.M., access and visibility via Internet or Intranet by agents, Customers, Suppliers, Advanced Production Management.

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VPS supports businesses in their transformation journey to improve performance sustainably, by designing and researching new business and organisational models, processes, methods and tools.

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Open Innovation Foundation

The Foundation was set up to foster discussion and consensus, activate the exchange of knowledge, and initiate joint projects through collaboration among different entities working together at the same table.

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T4MED was created with the mission of connecting people, technologies and processes in Telemedicine. T4MED improves the effectiveness of communication and the relationship between doctor and patient, between doctor and caregiver, and fosters collaboration between doctors and specialists of different disciplines and healthcare facilities thanks to the many years of experience gained in the field at ASLs, Dialysis Centres, Covid Departments, RSAs and private facilities.

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B-space makes the IT experience gained by Tesisquare's professionals available to private individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. It represents the company's service division and provides equipment and support to Tesisquare customers. it consists of two divisions: "Technology and innovation space" for hardware sales and support and "Digital care division" for the future care of the silver age with the TAD 'project' tele home care.

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ducati logo within a white circle

Our need was to identify solutions and technologies capable of accelerating the digital transformation of Ducati Logistics. The path we started with Tesisquare allowed us to enhance the control of the supply chain by integrating all the necessary data for the management of procurement and operational logistics in general into a single portal. We track our components from supplier to arrival and loading at our warehouse. With the latest developments, we have moved towards our customers also tracking our finished product warehouse and outbound shipments. Not to be forgotten is Tesisquare's support in managing the increasingly complex foreign trade issues in today's international situation.

Filippo Roncoroni

Logistics Director of Ducati Motor Holding

conad logo within a white circle

The sector in which we operate has a duty and responsibility to review its production and distribution logics to contribute to the fight against climate change. On this path, logistics represents a fundamental strategic asset to build value, increasingly efficient and responsible systems, with a potential contribution in terms of efficiency that can really make a difference

Andrea Mantelli

Direttore Supply Chain di Conad

leitner logo within a white circle

Today, through a single portal, we can automatically send purchase orders for suppliers, elated specifications and drawings from our ERP system to our SCM system. Furthermore, we can handle order confirmations automatically, providing detailed updates and shipment notes on the availability of the goods in production, thanks to the improved punctuality of our suppliers.

Marco Goss

Chief Supply Chain Officer - Leitner SpA

pirelli logo within a white circle

The introduction of the new TMS has not only optimised our processes, but prompted us, during workflow mapping, to undertake a thorough analysis of our procedures and operations, which in some cases led us to review and redesign our processes. At every stage, the support and advice provided by TESISQUARE® was fundamental to the success of the operation.

Head of Logistics - Pirelli Tyre SpA

benetton logo within a white circle

70% of our budget relates to transportation: we manage 20,000 shipments, with 6 million items travelling every day. The Control Tower gives us greater responsiveness and also enables us to pay greater attention to our customers. Thanks to process traceability and highly efficient digitisation, at any time we can identify opportunities and risks to support a very dynamic and proactive Decision System.

Valentino Soldan

Head of Logistics

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