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Collaborative ecosystems with a full digital approach

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The cloud business integration platform as a service

TESI EXTENDED INTEGRATION is a Cloud Business Integration Platform Service, a single point of contact to govern data flows in business networks and to enable and support any path of digital business transformation.

Extended EDI

Electronic Data Interchange for any process, standard or private, Master Data Governance, fully integrated digital eOrdering & eDelivering processes (Proof of Delivery & Digital Delivery Note), and eInvoice in compliance, with tax reporting where necessary.

Digital transformation

The mix of digital experiences, skills and tools enables Digital Transformation through integration of ERP systems, high performance document management systems, process workflow configurators, an intelligent “Teach&Learn” capturing system, Digital Signature, Digital Archiving and compliant Storage services.

On-field integrations

Creation of Mobile Business Apps and dedicated IoT sensor networks for on-field interaction and complete digital processes: an indispensable competitive advantage to improve the performance of any business.

B2ANY Connections

All interconnections are supported to allow a fast-integration approach with ANY B2B & B2G business partner and key B2C Marketplaces. Real-time procss management and "as a service" support for partner onboarding enables structuring of multichannel connections, with extended collaborative and cloud environments.

MANY2MANY Connections

Enabling key information sharing: from Stock Visibility to VMI, from Sales Stock/Consignment Stock to Collaborative Replenishment models. We are pioneers in Supply Chain Finance in Italy thanks to the development of the technology platform of one of the country's most important players.

Global digital compliance continuous monitoring

We offer digital solutions adapted to every business context, both nationally and internationally. We engage in constant monitoring of regulations globally, to anticipate trends and ensure full local compliance.


Key Benefits of our solution

Scalable solutions

Any integration requirement can be addressed

Fast onboarding

Facilitated partner involvement

Compliance as a service

Active and reactive compliance is guaranteed, even at international level

Digital innovation

Any process becomes easier if thought out digitally

Case studies

We have helped our customers...

Process optimization and customization

Food & Beverage

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Warehouse integration and automation

Food & Beverage

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SRM Integration

Food & Beverage

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Roll-out model


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view case studies

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