Reduces costs, optimizes services and shares real-time logistics data


Get maximum visibility in omnichannel environments

TESI TMS, a software suite from the Tesisquare Platform, transforms your transportation processes both inbound and outbound, enabling smooth data exchange between the user's legacy system and the systems of logistics partners such as shippers, couriers, and 3PLs. The TESI TMS solution benefits from end-to-end tracking and ensures constant visibility into shipments, covering every transportation need and every mode, from land (rail and road) to air to sea.
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Suite modules

Comprehensive transport management

As a scalable modular suite, TESI TMS offers a range of transport management modes, depending on requirements, with specific functions to handle complete and partial loads and different types of carrier: outsourcers, 3 or 4 PLs, shipping agents, couriers, and independent truck drivers.


Increase operational efficiency by optimizing the process of planning and managing delivery rounds.


The TESI TMS suite allows you to collaborate with carriers from engagement to execution of transportation orders.


Disposal of complete event-by-event delivery tracking information.


Simplify cost control with real-time availability of all transport rates.


Advantages of TESI TMS solution

Visibility & Collaboration

Full traceability of shipments, including reverse logistics processes. Real-time transportation visibility. Structured data sharing along the entire supply chain through authenticated access to a common data hub.


Indication of anomalies (early/delayed loading/unloading, additional costs, etc.) for proactive implementation of corrective measures, with recalculation of estimated delivery time (EDT) and estimated time of arrival (ETA) in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Optimization of loads and delivery runs on the basis of shipment type, accounting for specific constraints and the best available alternative options.


Reduction of costs, increased level of customer service, optimized operations, and improved collaboration.

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