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Sales and customer relationship management


Achieve maximum loyalty while reducing costs

The TESI SALES suite is designed with a modular approach, enabling rapid and scalable adoption based on specific customer needs. The suite provides a set of modular solutions to digitize processes such as collaborative replenishment, ordering, invoicing, and front- and back-office operations, ensuring product transparency and brand safeguarding.

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Suite modules

A new sales experience

TESI SALES, a software suite included in the Tesisquare platform, enables you to enhance your sales performance and the overall relationship with your customers.

Sales Operations

Achieve complete and rapid integration with customers on order acquisition and execution and on billing, both with large, IT-structured companies and with small, non-digitised companies.

Store Management

Achieve unified back-office and front-office management in a single environment, with a unique user experience, to maximise operating efficiency and optimise control of costs and margins. Features to combat the grey market.

Consumer Engagement

Enhance customer loyalty through new shopping experiences using the latest technologies for greater visibility on processes and products, while ensuring brand protection.


TESI Sales benefits

Enhanced collaboration and visibility with your B2X customers

Streamlined front and back-end sales processes

Management by exception

Reduced time to market

Increased cost savings

Enhanced brand reputation

Case studies

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Process optimization and customization

Food & Beverage

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Warehouse integration and automation

Food & Beverage

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SRM Integration

Food & Beverage

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Roll-out model


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