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Dig421, expansion of the innovation ecosystem created by Tesisquare

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Dig421, expansion of the innovation ecosystem created by Tesisquare

Open innovation requires dedicated spaces where companies, start-ups, institutions and the research world can work together and share knowledge. In 2021 in the Cuneo area (in Roreto di Cherasco), Digital Innovation Gate (Dig) 421 created an innovation ecosystem conceived by Giuseppe Pacotto, Founder and CEO of Tesisquare, together with his wife Marcella Brizio. Within the Dig421, educational initiatives, dissemination events and discussion sessions on cutting-edge topics are regularly offered and, in March 2024, the new B and C campuses were inaugurated to coincide with the opening of the new conference hall.

Moreover, thanks to the availability of this latter space, a series of events has been launched with the name I giovedì dei 100 (Thursdays of 100), so called because of the hall’s capacity. These events cover a wide range of topics, including telemedicine, artificial intelligence and agritech, with a focus on ethics and the social impact of new technologies.

“Dig421 seeks to transform how we approach innovation, encouraging a shift from competition to collaboration so as to meet the new challenges of the near and distant future,” commented Elio Becchis, Dig421’s Director General. “We have inaugurated the two new campuses and by the end of the year we expect to complete the construction of the adjacent park, with pedestrian paths through the greenery. Our ambition is to create an innovative hub that will be a reference point for the area, where new initiatives can be developed and future jobs created.”

A technological and green space for the development of the local area

Dig421 aims to revolutionise our approach to innovation, moving from competition to collaboration so as to meet present and future challenges. It is therefore conceived as a space that is open to the local area, but has an international outlook. The facility, which features modular offices evoking the binary digital language, is connected by a green wall that blends in with its surroundings. The building, made of materials such as concrete, steel and glass, seeks a harmonious dialogue with the surrounding nature through its porosity, incorporating the landscape into the design itself.

The hub aims to become a genuine technology village, where local innovators can share knowledge and collaborate on joint projects. The construction of the campuses and the conference hall represent the evolution of the project, which has maintained its general structure, while creating more sophisticated relationships between different departments, services and public spaces, emphasising the importance of greenery.


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