Supplier Relationship Management designed to maximize efficiency


A unified scalable suite to manage supply chain processes

TESI SRM allows you to organize and manage the entire Source-to-Pay cycle for the purchase of direct goods, indirect goods and services in a simple and intuitive way. It also allows you to share with the supplier the progress of the accounting entry and the payment status of the invoice. It provides broad and granular data visibility, integrating internal and external data flows into a single hub to improve performance and reduce procurement risks.

Tesisquare technology enables the digitization of supplier relationships along the procurement, procurement, and execution processes. It extends and integrates ERP functionality, engaging trading partners and gaining visibility into all suppliers, thereby optimizing the procurement cycle. The technology is also a catalyst for better risk management, thus increasing the resilience of your supply chain, including from an ESG perspective.

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Suite modules

SRM modules created for you

The TESI SRM suite has been designed with a modular approach, for rapid and progressive roll-out according to customers' specific needs; it offers a range of solutions for end-to-end digitalization of individual activities in the Source-to-Pay cycle: sourcing, procurement, replenishment and execution.


Supports and digitalizes sourcing events, from supplier scouting to e-sourcing events (RFx) through to contract management and auditing.


Optimize purchasing processes with benefits such as: cost reduction, Maverick spend management, and increased compliance in direct and indirect purchasing processes.


Collaboration and digitalization improve the fluidity of the inventory process through the supply chain, ensuring efficiency and optimal stock levels.


Supports collaboration and communication with suppliers for better planning, management and control of goods and services flows, from order fulfilment to warehousing.

Tesi SRM benefits

Advantages of our SRM

Visibility and communication

TESI SRM guarantees the consolidation of various data flows from internal and external systems into a single hub to enable complete transparency and real-time traceability of every step in the process. In addition, our SRM, modernizes collaboration with suppliers through the complete digitization of the supply chain, in an easy, multichannel integration while also enabling the automated exchange of documents with the Business Partner.


Through data analysis, there is immediate availability of all the information needed to quickly reformulate agreements with suppliers and subcontractors following sudden and disruptive changes in demand. This enables timely action to be taken on all exceptions.


Tesi SRM manages all suppliers (SMEs, large corporations and multinationals), all industries (manufacturing, retail, fashion, automotive, etc.) and all raw materials. Proactive management of supplier services, checks on deliveries and delivery times for compliance with contracts, and goods receipt planning.


Streamline supply chain operational processes through digitization and automation, improving decision-making, reducing time to market and saving costs. The TESI SRM suite is designed to maximize the efficiency of your relationship with your suppliers, smoothen processes and increase your company's business.

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