Whistleblowing Reports

TESISQUARE strongly believes in the importance of promoting an open corporate culture based on ethics, transparency, and responsibility, and is committed to acting in full compliance with all applicable laws.

For this reason, TESISQUARE provides various channels through which company executives, members of social bodies, employees, business partners, clients, suppliers, consultants, shareholders, and anyone else with a business relationship or interest in TESISQUARE can report violations of the law, the Code of Ethics, or TESISQUARE’s policies. Reports should concern situations that the whistleblower has directly become aware of in the course of their employment or business relationship with TESISQUARE.

Reporting possible violations is strongly encouraged to enable TESISQUARE to investigate thoroughly and take necessary corrective measures.
To this end, anyone who wishes to make a report can choose one of the following channels provided by TESISQUARE:

- For employees or company collaborators, they can report directly to their immediate supervisor.
- In all cases, they can report directly, in any form, to TESISQUARE’s relevant managers or alternatively to the Human Resources or Legal functions.
- In all cases, they can use the communication channel reachable through this page.

Reports can be made anonymously or with the individual’s name, and they must be made in good faith, providing detailed and verifiable information to the extent possible.
Reports are handled by an internal team at TESISQUARE and treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality to protect the reporter from any risk of retaliation or repercussions in their work or personal life.
TESISQUARE ensures the confidentiality of those who make reports in strict compliance with the laws, particularly the EU Regulation 679/2016.

For further information, please refer to the Whistleblowing Policy downloadable below.