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Make business decisions clear and fast with Tesi Control Tower. This platform serves as a command center: it provides summary, analysis, control and process management tools through proactive notifications, KPIs and user-friendly dashboards. With drill-down capabilities in dashboards, easily access operational and transactional data.

Benefit from its full integration with other suites in our platform for end-to-end supply chain management. Using external data sources, the interface collects information in real time, centralizing it in a hub. This gives you a complete view, enabling you to make decisions quickly, confidently, and aligned with up-to-date data.

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Control Tower Solutions


Visibility analytics

Service level metrics, and ready to use performances indexes to enable working for exceptions to manage comparisons and benchmarks.

Proactive analytics

A configurable alert system that automatically sends notification or activates processes based on workflow, in case of discrepancy with target sand objectives.

Self-service analytics

Allow different user roles to autonomously define reports and dashboards, which can be successively shared with other business functions and/or roles.

Risk Management and geotrends

Thanks to the integration with external systems and big data sources, these modules enable the analysis of different risk layers that impact the Supply Chain processes and organization, with the objective to assess risks and define short-to-medium-term scenarios to react to sudden economical, climate, geographical, political changes, and other disruptive events.

Natural Language

Specific features allow you to query the control tower database via natural language: it is possible either to chat or to use voice commands to ask questions to the application and to receive answers, mail, or notification.


Tesi Control Tower tracks fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the vehicle speed, location, and estimated time of delivery to enable the achievement of sustainability goals. It also enables the integration of data from CSR assessment of suppliers from external databases.


Machine Learning application for data analysis that automates the construction of analytical models

The engine enables:

  • Prediction of information based on historical data grouped by specific attributes or by integrating external information;
  • Prescription to suggest decision makers how to resolve critical issues or improve supply chain performance.


Each function offers a specific advantage for your decision process


A set of pre-configured Dashboards and Widgets based on the Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR).


Proactive tool with alert management based on pre-configured thresholds.


Analysis of reliable data from internal and external sources, updated in near real-time, with easy-to-use tools.


Rapid interception of critical issues, anomalies and areas for improvement to support decisions aimed at raising supply chain performance.

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