Covid-19: digitization in support of retailers and their suppliers

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In an unusual situation, within a tense context and with different purchasing habits both in terms of times and types and quantities of products, technology and digitalisation are indispensable for prompt procurement and distribution, through multiple channels, of basic goods for the population. We're all aware how much today both integration towards end consumers - online shopping and click & collect - and upstream processes related to supply, logistics and warehouses are stressed, due to the strong increase in demand.

The keywords are speed and flexibility to keep the supply chain of primary consumer goods stable and effective.

TESISQUARE responds by helping its customers, both retailers and suppliers, with the acceleration and extension of rapid upstream and downstream collaboration and integration services; for example with the smart activation of projects to automate the order-to-pay process from the large-scale distribution to the supplier, both through pre-existing structured channels such as EDI, and on semi-structured channels such as those linked to OCR and with the acquisition of documents in various formats (excel, pdf, etc.) that the retailer is able to produce and transmit with an email or a data flow.

But also by proposing intelligent collaborative reordering solutions through which the retailer can delegate a proactive management of the warehouse stock and the generation of the order proposal to his supplier, gaining time to concentrate on the picking and replenishment of its points of sale.

To meet the needs of greater control of the supply chain processes, TESISQUARE offers the "Supply Chain Geo Risk Map" solution; the service includes a standard process for data collection (i.e. production capacity, company and subcontractor plants, geographical distribution of orders, demand forecasting, etc.). Additionally, the tool helps you monitor for geographical distribution of the Covid-19 due to intelligent geolocation (powered officially recognized data sources) to stay up to date with short-medium term scenarios and sourcing-related risk levels.

Another problem that retailers and logisticians will have to face after the "storm" is linked to the need to reorganize and arrange their warehouses: among its value-added services, TESISQUARE provides turnkey consultancy packages to examine, through the software and thanks to the work of specialized analysts, the critical issues in the customer's warehouse at the picking area level, identify the optimal position of the items subject to picking and update the warehouse display, taking into account specific variables such as seasonality, special operations and assortment.

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