B2B e-invoicing in Italy and transactions in TESISQUARE

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Once the first quarter of B2B electronic invoicing has ended, it is time to take stock of the situation.
Results speak of a successful initiative at a national level, as well as a constantly evolving trend: the Invoice files transmitted to the Exchange System (SdI) from 1 January to 5 April were 495 million, of which 96.36 % correctly forwarded and only 3.64% rejected (compared to 4.8% recorded in January). The most used channels are SFTP and Web Service, with over 90% of the documents managed (Source: Revenue Agency, 8 April 2019).

In TESISQUARE the launch of B2B electronic invoicing has seen a real explosion of transactions: in the quarter January-March, invoices amounted to over 15 million, equal to the entire transit of the year 2017, with the activation of more than 260 client companies. The forecasts at the end of 2019 estimate a total of over 50 million invoices (almost 165,000 every day), against 17 million in 2018; we therefore speak of over 100 million transactions related to the "phenomenon" of B2B electronic invoicing.
These numbers are added to the other digital transaction volumes already managed by TESI e-Integration, leading to a total estimated at the end of 2019 of not less than 250 million transactions!

B2G and B2B e-Invoicing are some of the pieces that distinguish the "Digital Transformation", which today is taking on a more defined connotation, also linked to administrative processes; digital archiving, document management and centralization of administrative control processes including cross-border processes complete the picture.
The challenge therefore sees us committed in the near future to further consolidate the technological B2B market in Italy and in Europe, also following the transposition, on 18 April, of the European directive 2014/55, as well as on developments in B2G e-invoicing in Europe.

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