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The agreement will enable the Italian company to expand on one of Europe’s most important markets thanks to the know-how of the Puissance i.

TESISQUARE®, Italy’s leading developer of digital Supply Chain solutions, has taken a further step in its growth on the European market through a strategic partnership with Puissance i, a French company that specialises in Transport Management Systems.

The purpose of the partnership is to create a leading operator on the French market by combining the expertise of the two companies and enabling them both to benefit from each other’s know-how and network of contacts.

Initially, to strengthen its international growth on one of Europe’s most important markets, Tesisquare will acquire a 40% shareholding in Puissance i. The Italian company will guarantee full strategic and managerial continuity for Puissance i and gain a strategic partner with extensive knowledge of the local market and a high level of expertise.

In turn, Puissance i will have the support of an international partner who will help it grow its market position, so enabling it to broaden its portfolio of solutions and increase its workforce.

The mutual exchange of know-how will implement the offer by the two companies, who will use a cross-selling strategy to create new business opportunities and expand their customer networks.

“The partnership stems from a shared vision and the desire of both companies to grow by leveraging their respective strengths,” said Tesisquare Founder and CEO Giuseppe Pacotto. “We realised immediately that the complementary nature of our offers could create a tangible advantage. Thanks to its extensive knowledge of the French market, Puissance i is the ideal partner to support our expansion on one of Europe’s most promising markets. At the same time, we are committed to helping our French partners extend their offer through our expertise and the large international network we have built up over the years.”

“To continue boosting our growth we were looking for a partner to help us sustain and consolidate our projects. TESISQUARE is a company that shares our values of customer service and attention to employees, and will enable us to extend our range of supply chain functions through additional product offers (SRM tools, Control Tower implementation, etc.). TESISQUARE will support the technological transition we began with the TMS STOREWAY and DSTi solutions through their Full WEB solutions, which are marketed largely in SAAS mode. In addition, the international profile of our Italian partner will provide us with a showcase to distribute our offer abroad,” commentedCyril Bouvet, CEO of Puissance i.

TESISQUARE® – founded by Giuseppe Pacotto with some partners in 1995 in Bra, Piedmont, TESISQUARE is a leading provider of digital supply chain solutions for optimising performance in large, complex company networks, guaranteeing operative excellence throughout the entire value chain and for all the players involved: producers, distributors, consumers and all other stakeholders. In 2022 the company reported consolidated revenues of 49 million euro. With a presence in more than 40 countries and a customer retention rate of 99%, it continuously strives to implement innovative platforms and solutions, investing around 8.5% of turnover in R&D. TESISQUARE’s customers include top names in fashion, supermarket chains and logistics operators in Italy and all over the world.

PUISSANCE I is the French publisher of TMS (Transport Management System), established in 1994 and currently headed by Cyril BOUVET. Having spent twenty years developing bespoke functionality for the haulage market, the company expanded its offer to meet the needs of shippers. Since the sector often requires fleet management functions (for proprietary or dedicated fleets) and since transporters are usually also logistics experts, the two PUISSANCE i software solutions STOREWAY and DSTi now cover a broad range of functions, positioning the company as one of the primary players on its market. Thanks to its years of experience and the professional expertise of its teams, PUISSANCE i is the leading provider of TMS solutions for the French retail sector and supplies France’s main distributors. PUISSANCE i also operates in food and agriculture, logistics and printing. The activities of its 30-strong workforce and close collaboration with customers enables it to deliver outstanding operating and technical performance and to optimise its administrative processes. In 2022, PUISSANCE i had consolidated revenues of almost 3 million euro, and has reported annual growth of 10-15% in the last 5 years.

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