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TESISQUARE®announces partnership with Tokema Consulting to join force on French market

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Bra (CN) – Italy, 20.11.2019. TESISQUARE®, a technology partner enabling design and implementation of collaborative digital ecosystems, boosting supply chain network visibility, announced that it has partnered with Tokema Consulting to support its expansion on French market. This agreement aims at combining the expertise of both companies to provide a cutting-edge offering enabling to unlock the power of supply chain visibility governance.

Tokema Consulting is a results-driven logistics consultancy that helps companies grow by improving their supply chain operations performance and designing & implementing digital supply chain strategies in the wake of e-commerce thrive and Industry 4.0. This value proposition meets perfectly with TESISQUARE Platform’s features, a multi-enterprise and collaborative platform to achieve the goal to manage an effective end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility in complex business environments supporting so customers across their digitalisation journey.

“By leveraging on Tokema’s consultancies experience and their French presence” – said Roberto Graziotin, Head of International Business Development of TESISQUARE®”we will be able to deliver first-class projects, and strategies placing our customers on the path for success in the emerging supply chain challenges such as visibility, collaboration, omnichannel and ecommerce landscape”.

“We are delighted to develop TESISQUARE®’s software solutions on the French market” – said Pierre Liguori, Managing Partner of Tokema Consulting, “TESISQUARE® offers a wide range of solutions with its supply chain suite that are perfectly answering to most of retailers and manufacturers expectations in France.”

This synergetic offering will support French customers to meet the requirements of today’s ever-changing supply chain ecosystem, to overcome customer service level challenges, and boost organization profitability.

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