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TESISQUARE® Announces Release 7.0 of its Collaborative Supply Chain Visibility Platform

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With the release of new additions to the TESISQUARE Platform 7.0, the company offers a comprehensive, integrated solution for monitoring and governing supply chain performance.

TESISQUARE®, a partner of choice for the creation of digital supply chain ecosystems, today announced the launch of the TESISQUARE Platform 7.0, the result of an investment plan aimed at enhancing the analysis, control and monitoring features of the supply chain. The platform was unveiled at the ‘TESISQUARE Next – Broaden horizons, Explore beyond’ event held on 30 June 2022 at the Agenzia di Pollenzo, the large Carloalbertine complex listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site that also houses the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the Banca del Vino.

The corporate convention was opened by Giuseppe Pacotto, Chairman and CEO of TESISQUARE®, followed by speeches from Giulio Berzuini, General Manager TESISQUARE® and Gianluca Giaccardi, Chief Product Officer TESISQUARE®. International and national guests spoke about technology and future opportunities, including Jury Chechi, the Italian Olympic champion gymnast, in the role of coach and motivator.

The event, the first major business event organised in presence after the health emergency, was attended by more than 130 national and 20 international customers who welcomed the invitation. In the picturesque location of the Pollenzo Agency, exhibition stands were set up in the Product Arena to accompany visitors on their ‘journey’ to discover the various functionalities of TESISQUARE Platform 7.0.

Three concomitant factors, both endogenous and exogenous, contributed to the release of TESISQUARE Platform Major Release 7.0,” explained Gianluca Giaccardi, TESISQUARE® Chief Product Officer. “These were: responding to our project to play the role of Software Vendor on the market; meeting the new market needs in the digital supply chain after three years of great disruption that have and are changing the paradigms of the value chain; and finally, pushing the innovation component, by landing on the new release the technology stacks we have invested in.

TESISQUARE® Platform 7.0 is able to orchestrate and manage both upstream (inbound) and downstream (outbound) processes, improving performance and service levels. The platform is based on a single, shared data model, enabling collaborative, secure and real-time working in complex, heterogeneous and international supply and procurement networks. The main functional innovations addressed by 7.0 were mainly inspired by the needs of the “voice of the customer” market which, in this macro-economic scenario, must face new complexities and greater unpredictability, adopting new models to ensure business continuity by leveraging a resilient supply chain based on 4 fundamental pillars including: Collaboration to ensure connection with all Supply Chain players in multi and omni channel mode for building a true Digital Supply Chain Ecosystem; Visibility to ensure E2E (upstream to down stream) governance across the supply chain; Sustainability to support companies in defining and monitoring ESG objectives that are less and less “slogans” and more and more “strategic”; Customer Centricity to facilitate the digital connection with the customer and, increasingly, with the end consumer

The platform consists of 51 work packages and features the following suites: TESI Extended Integration consolidates in a single solution all the services that enable companies to interconnect their systems, foster interoperability, integrate different players in the supply chain (tier-1 and tier-N) in a multi-channel and flexible manner, intercept data at source with a connection in the field, leveraging Mobile and Iot technologies and integrating Real-Time Visibility services. TESI Control Tower (a tool for summarising, analysing, controlling and governing events through “proactive analytics” systems, KPIs and dashboards with drill-down functionality, which access the operational and transactional data of the platform modules), TESI SRM (for evaluating and qualifying new suppliers, controlling purchasing costs, optimising supplier management, organising the receipt of orders and facilitating the payment process); TESI MAKE (provides traceability functions that allow each component and product to be monitored throughout the manufacturing process, from the moment the raw materials enter the factory to the moment the final products are shipped); TESI TMS (digitalises transport processes by synchronising and exchanging data between the customer’s ERP and the carriers’ external systems; provides functionalities to plan transports, control costs, share documents and check the status of shipments); TESI SALES (helps customers focus on Customer Centricity with the Store Management solution and the evolution of the Consumer Engagement one). With this further evolution towards downstream processes, we have taken a further step in the direction of E2E visibility in the execution of all supply chain processes from upstream to downstream, providing a holistic view by removing the constraints of a silo-based organisational approach.

“The Software Vendor approach translates a strategic project defined in the company’s Medium Term Plan,” emphasises Giulio Berzuini, General Manager TESISQUARE®, “which aims to increase the level of configuration and integration of our software solutions, to guarantee customers greater autonomy and reactivity to changing business scenarios, and to channel partners by giving them the opportunity to play the role of ‘implementation partner’ and thus take charge of project ownership at 360 degrees. In short, the new release guarantees greater scalability of delivery, which we believe is a success factor for the strategy of our customers and partners”.

“The last few years of profound changes have stimulated companies to face great challenges, which can generate great business opportunities,” says Giuseppe Pacotto, Chairman and CEO of TESISQUARE®, “with new geo-economic dynamics and multi-channel models. This brings new challenges for companies that must implement supply chain models that are increasingly resilient to risk, flexible to new business models and territorially scalable. TESISQUARE® wants to be close to its customers, helping them meet these new challenges and confirming its long-term structural and managerial growth”.

The new release of TESISQUARE Platform 7.0 is available to all customers from July 2022 in both on-premises and cloud.

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