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Tesisquare and TEDxMilano: a strategic partnership in the name of innovation

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TESISQUARE, the leader in digital innovation for supply chain management, announces that it has signed a partnership with TEDxMilano, the non-profit organisation that promotes innovative and inspiring ideas for the city and the country.

The aim of the partnership is to create synergy between two organisations that share core values such as knowledge dissemination, training, commitment and a strong interest in the culture of innovation. This collaboration has been forged to inspire and attract young people to the universe of new technologies, helping them to become the protagonists of change.

The partnership will run until the end of the year and will have a main focus at the eagerly awaited TEDxMilano event “Da cosa nasce cosa” (One thing leads to another), at the Dal Verme Theatre on Sunday 8 October 2023 from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm, (, tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite) which will bring together brilliant mindsfrom different disciplines to share their experiences and innovative ideas. TESISQUARE has always been a promoter of innovation, as evidenced by the Digital Innovation Gate 421 project, the multidisciplinary and multi-company hub dedicated to Open Innovation, which acts as a catalyst for start-ups, offering continuous training, as well as dissemination and discussion initiatives on topics of general interest in the field of innovation.

TEDxMilano is a crucial moment for stimulating community awareness and interest in topical issues, with the aim of inspiring and guiding new generations to experience change first-hand. In this sense, TESISQUARE aspires to become a guide for younger people who want to engage with the world of technology and then apply it in digital supply chain ecosystems. Indeed, collaborating with TEDxMilano means having the chance to bring new talents closer to this crucial sector for the country system, offering them opportunities to learn and grow.

TEDxMilano is committed to the dissemination of ideas that can change the world, and we share their passion for innovation and desire to promote positive change,” commented Massimiliano Basile, Marketing Director of Tesisquare. “At Tesisquare we believe in the power of connections and shared ideas, and we are confident that this partnership will create extraordinary learning opportunities for participants and open new horizons for young people.”

“In a world on which crises and emergencies have left their mark, we feel the urgency to reflect deeply on the world we live in more than ever. Thanks to the support of companies like Tesisquare, with whom we share the values and culture of innovation, TEDxMilano will bring on stage speakers from different disciplines who will take the audience on a journey to discover new ways of looking at and thinking about the future, creating a cultural and emotional experience that each participant will be able to share with the rest of the audience.Catherine de Brabant and Benedetta Marietti, TEDxMilano content creators, commented.

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