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Conad digitalises its supply chain with TESISQUARE to improve its logistics network

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Conad Logistics, the logistics company of the Conad System, chose the provider to enhance its services with end-to-end supply chain visibility, fostering a more sustainable, effective and transparent management

Optimising the logistics network by having all the players in the supply chain dialogue directly, with the purpose of making it more efficient and environmentally and socially sustainable.

With this in mind, Conad, Italy’s leading large-scale retailer, has launched a digitalisation project for the Conad Logistics division and with support from its technology partner TESISQUARE. The project aims to digitalise all logistic information processes, automating both the processes of booking unloading slots and the real-time acquisition of the key shipping order statuses (loading from supplier – slot booking – goods unloading).

The Conad System has been monitoring the CO₂ emissions from its transport for some time now, so that reporting the results could be the first step towards setting targets and defining activities to reduce the environmental impact of its logistics.

Many concrete actions have already been implemented and encapsulated in the Conad sustainability strategy ‘Let’s sustain the future’: the use of fleets with low-impact vehicles, increasing load saturation, energy efficiency, and intermodal transport over medium/long distances, the use of pooling for pallets, and the central management of the transport from supplier companies to the Cooperative’s distribution centres.

These objectives were established and taken on board by Conad Logistics, a project launched in 2020, with which Conad has adopted a process re-engineering strategy aimed at identifying the best trade-off between sustainability, costs and service.

In this area, a further step forward has been taken thanks to digitalisation, which has enabled a review of the supply chain processes – supported by the TESISQUARE Platform for end-to-end visibility of the supply chain and TESI TC1, a collaborative portal for slot booking and time tracking – improving communication within the Conad Logistics network and making connections more agile, mapped and efficient. Thanks to the solutions adopted in collaboration with TESISQUARE, Conad Logistics is able to coordinate, monitor, measure and control all supply chain data in real time, thus achieving immediate communication between all the members of the supply chain.

The sector in which we operate has a duty and responsibility to review its production and distribution logics in order to help fight climate change,” commented Andrea Mantelli, Supply Chain Director of Conad. “Here at Conad, logistics is a key strategic asset for building value, as well as increasingly efficient and responsible systems, with a potential contribution in terms of efficiency that can really make a difference. This is why we have decided to implement, through Conad Logistics, a series of concrete actions that combine innovation and sustainability, including our collaboration with TESISQUARE for the digitalisation of the logistics supply chain.”

We are proud to have collaborated with Conad Logistics, confirming an important partnership that is becoming stronger and stronger through the years. The solutions adopted are a major process innovation with significant advantages in terms of efficiency and effectiveness for our procurement and delivery policies. This project rewards our innovative approach to digitalising transport processes with benefits for the entire Conad system,” says Guido Ferrero, Chief Business Officer of TESISQUARE®.

Italtrans’ involvement in Conad’s project together with TESISQUARE starts with sharing algorithms and rules to support the digitalisation process. It is a lean solution with added value for logistics in particular, thanks to the automation and streamlining of certain operational processes, resulting in time savings. Being chosen as one of the partners our customer trusts to structure one of its projects, makes us hope that the industry will follow suit and begin to involve the different actors in the supply chain on a larger scale, in order to benefit the entire chain,” comments Paola Bellina, Chief Operating Officer Italtrans.

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