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Each week, we’ll share with you one of the technologies we implemented for some of our customers to build a responsive and agile supply chain ecosystems.
Real Time
We have launched a pilot project based on RFID and IoT technologies to monitor and track vehicles in real time. It means a lot of benefits, such as automating operational control, but not only.

Everything from scheduling deliveries and shipments to managing anomalies and delays through proactive alerts can be easily monitored to keep your business running at lightning speed.
When so many resources are involved in a journey, it’s not always easy to manage things. Our clients have solved this problem with SRM (Supplier Relationship Management): our unified and scalable suite for managing the supply chain and maximizing efficiency.

Thanks to our technology, we can optimize collaboration between all suppliers involved in the supply chain by introducing structured and automated workflows.
By prioritizing supply chain visibility and transparency, you can improve trust and reliability with your customers. This is possible through our TMS (Transportation Management): our software that digitalizes all transportation processes.

Our scalable and modular suite allows you to manage transports in different modes, according to your needs, with specific functionalities. Get the maximum visibility required in omnichannel scenarios, both through end-to-end shipment tracking and tracing and real-time transport visibility.
The successful approach to supply chains is an integrated perspective that considers relationship networks, sustainability and product design, and the logistics of sourcing, distribution and fulfilment.

Thanks to our Control Tower, our customers have a complete view of their supply chain – a single software that gives them all the data they need to manage your business in an agile way and make better decisions.