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Conad, Italy’s leading large-scale retailer, has initiated a project through its Conad Logistics division to digitalise all logistics-related information processes, automating the processes of booking unloading slots in real time.
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Conad Logistics: Supply chain sustainability

Modern and efficient logistics must be able to optimise loads and routes, develop intermodality, seek opportunities for supply chain collaboration involving all players, from producers to transporters, from logistics operators to competitors, always keeping corporate sustainability as a compass of reference. Conad has chosen to structure its supply chain through five hubs where goods from suppliers converge and are then transported to the various regional DCs, drastically reducing the number of transport routes, with the use of larger, predominantly full-load trucks.
The spearhead of Conad’s commitment to increasingly efficient and sustainable logistics is the Conad Logistics project, an innovative model unique in our country that is based on ‘ex-works’ transport.
The Conad System has long since embarked on a path to monitor the CO₂ emissions resulting from its transport, so that the reporting of results could be the first step towards defining objectives and activities aimed at reducing the environmental impact of logistics.
Conad Logistics, with which Conad has embarked on a process re-engineering process to identify the best trade-off between sustainability, costs and service, has taken on these objectives.
In this area, a further step forward has been taken thanks to digitalisation, which has enabled a review of supply chain processes. Thanks to the solutions adopted in collaboration with TESISQUARE, Conad Logistics is able to coordinate, monitor, measure and control all the supply chain data in real time, thus achieving immediate communication between all the actors in the supply chain.
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“The sector in which we operate has a duty and responsibility to review its production and distribution logics in order to contribute to combating climate change. In this path, logistics represents a fundamental strategic asset to build value, increasingly efficient and responsible systems, with a potential contribution in terms of efficiency that can really make a difference”.
Andrea Mantelli, Supply Chain Director

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Conad digitalises its supply chain with TESISQUARE to improve its logistics network
Optimising the logistics network through the direct dialogue of all players in the supply chain in order to make the supply chain more efficient and sustainable also from an environmental and social point of view.
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