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An Italian company founded in 1886, for the production of dry pasta, extra virgin olive oil, ready-made sauces and tomato products. Following the adoption of the TESI portal's TMS solution, the company requested integration with its own SAP management system.


The aim of the project was to enable integration of all flows from/to SAP and the TMS portal, specifically relating to delivery, shipment, POD, pre-invoices.


The integration project was implemented in accordance with standard SAP best

practices, making it possible to optimise times and costs. The solution adopted for the integration of TESI TMS and SAP involves the SAP proprietary asynchronous integration mode using IDOCs. In addition, SAP X-PLUG connectors are used, a standardised connector kit developed over time that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of integration projects. SAP X-PLUG is designed to enable standardised integration with TESISQUARE® solutions. It is modular and easy to reuse. Interfacing uses SOAP web services, which may be orchestrated by the SAP PO middleware.

The project involved 3 companies, 12 plants, 12 warehouses, 11 transit points and 4 depots.

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