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A family business founded in 1882 in Piedmont, today the enterprise is at the centre of a group of manufacturing companies in Italy and Europe active in hot moulding and rolling, machining and heat treatments, and railway bearing production. The acquisition of the various business units led to the need for a roll-out of the parent company's SAP template to the other group companies, and subsequent system maintenance.


The parent company requested the roll-out of its SAP model to the other group companies. After the roll-outs, the need arose to maintain the various systems and manage new developments, corrections or enhancements in the areas of finance and logistics. In addition, optimisation of the factory processes was required through the installation of an MES and its integration with both the company's SAP and the machines themselves.


Following the various roll-outs, the group SAP template was then deployed to all associated companies to automate and improve flows and processes, and guarantee product traceability among all companies, from the raw material to the sold finished product. As a result of the project, the company activated our SAP AMS to take advantage of an outsourced maintenance service while reducing costs, again with roll-out across all companies. In addition, with a view to ensuring continuous system improvement, support is also provided for SAP release updates and integration with external systems. In the logistics area,

Tesisquare, together with a partner, installed a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), thus improving production monitoring, collecting data and optimising processes. The MES was implemented from an Industry 4.0

perspective, integrating it with the SAP ERP and the production machines. This ensured interactive collaboration between operator, machines and tools, and an integrated IT infrastructure for all systems. The roll-outs, and subsequent maintenance and integration projects involved 4 companies, with their 4 plants and more than 30 warehouses.

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