World Water Day 2023: TESISQUARE® is working to protect nature’s most precious resource, water

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  • Water and thermal flasks for employees at all locations.
  • Our territory and water: the DIG421 Foundation’s commitment to water resources.
  • Optimisation of water consumption for irrigation.

For this year’s World Water Day, held on the 22nd of March 2023, TESISQUARE® would like to illustrate a series of actions taken to protect the natural resource that is most important to the health of individuals and the preservation of ecosystems.

This important anniversary, established by the United Nations in 1992, is aimed at increasing the awareness of the world’s institutions and public opinion on the importance of water wastage reduction and on the crucial role that behavioural changes play in the fight against climate change.

For several years, the company has adopted policies specifically aimed at environmental protection. Now, through the PIER H20 project, it has equipped all its Italian offices with drinking water fountains inside the offices, replacing the traditional bottled water dispensers. In addition, it has provided each employee with a welcome kit that also contains a re-usable, thermal aluminium water bottle, to be used instead of the traditional Pet bottles.

The focus on water resources has also led DIG421, TESISQUARE’s open innovation foundation, to develop an innovative research project aimed at estimating water needs and optimising irrigation strategies, in particular with regard to water recovery on farms and emergency irrigation in the wine-growing sector.

In addition, when building the innovative DIG421 Campus, TESISQUARE focused on the correct use of water by developing an advanced irrigation system for the green areas adjacent to the headquarters in Cherasco (CN). The plant species chosen for both the DIG421 Campus and the TESISQUARE Park are native and hardy tree, shrub and herbaceous essences that require a low water supply. The system planned for these essences, of the drip type, involves a drip pipe around the root ball of each tree and a classic dripline system for the areas planted with shrubs and grasses. The drip line type guarantees maximum efficiency in terms of water saving, while the water used is stored inside an underground tank with a volume of 30 cubic metres, which draws directly from a well connected to the water table. The entire system is managed by a state-of-the-art control unit with remote control IoT technology, capable of detecting both anomalous leaks in the system, and local meteorological data: in the event of rain, irrigation is suspended depending on the amount of water that has fallen. Innovative technological solutions help to protect the environment and safeguard water resources.

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