Peppol Spring Release 2021

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On 3 May, OpenPeppol published the updates for Spring Release 2021, containing a number of changes whose full release notes are available at the following addresses:

The original content is available here.

These updates came into force on 17 May.

It is important to pay particular attention to the change related to the addition of the new codes 0210 (Fiscal Code) and 0211 (VAT number) which replace the previous Italian temporary codes 9907 (Fiscal Code) and 9906 (VAT number) both at EAS list level (registered electronic addresses) and ISO 6523 list level (identifiers of the parties).
The introduction of the new schemeIDs will take place according to a transition period that will follow the following dates:

  • from 3 May 2021, it will be optional to support the new codes 0210 and 0211 and it will then be possible to register new Peppol participantIDs (endpointIDs) on the Peppol network. However, it will still be possible to register participantIDs with the old codes 9906 and 9907.
  • as of 17 May 2021, the effective date of Spring Release 2021, it will be mandatory to support 0210 and 0211, and therefore the temporary 9906 and 9907 codes will be deprecated, so any new registrations will have to be made using the 0210 and 0211 codes. Participant identifiers previously registered with codes 9906 and 9907 will remain valid and the transmission of documents will still take place in order to allow Providers and their customers to update all involved parties and their master data.
  • from 15 November 2021 with the entry into force of the Fall Release 2021 the codes 9906 and 9907 will be permanently removed and, therefore, by that date it is necessary that all participant identifiers registered using the old schemeID are removed from the SML and registered with the new codes 0210 and 0211.

Please note that a new version of the Peppol eDelivery codelists (here), which will include the new SchemeIDs, will be released in conjunction with the Spring Release.


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