New AgID guidelines: the client’s Digital Archiving Manual is now mandatory

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The new “Guidelines on the formation, management and preservation of electronic documents” issued by AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) on 9 September 2020 and that will come into force as of 7 June 2021 reiterate the importance of the correct drafting of the digital storage manual, an activity that cannot be delegated to the conservator.

Few companies owning a digital archive have yet prepared themselves, and the Digital Archiving Manual drawn up by the person in charge of the archiving service is no longer sufficient!

This IT document must contain, among other things, details of the organisation, the people involved and their roles, and the operating model of the company owning the archive to be preserved.

In fact, the following clarification has been introduced: “the requirements of the preservation process, the responsibilities and tasks of the Digital Storage Manager and the Digital Storage Service Manager, and their interaction methods are formalised in the Digital Archiving Manual of the owner of the object of archiving and in the specifications of the service contract or agreement. These modalities are also reflected in the Conservation Manager’s Manual”.

TESISQUARE therefore intends to bring to the attention of CFOs and Digital Archiving Managers the obligation to draw up such a document.

Regardless of your preservation system, TESISQUARE, with the help of its tax consult

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