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Tesisquare renews its partnership with TEDxMilano

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Tesisquare, the leading company in digital innovation for supply chain management, announces that it has renewed its agreement with TEDxMilano, the non-profit organisation that promotes innovative and inspiring ideas for the city and the country.

The aim of the partnership is to create synergy between two organisations that share core values such as knowledge dissemination, training, commitment and a strong interest in the culture of innovation. This collaboration has been forged to inspire and attract young people to the universe of new technologies, helping them to become the protagonists of change.

The partnership between the two companies will run until the end of the year, and will have its hype moment at the TEDxMilano event, which this year will focus on the theme of “Freedom”, and will be held at the Dal Verme Theatre, on Thursday 24 October 2024 at 20:30. This event will bring together brilliant minds from different fields to discuss a topic – namely, freedom – that is more than just a concept; it is an aspiration, an inalienable right rooted in the very essence of humanity.

TEDxMilano is a crucial moment for stimulating community awareness and interest in topical issues, with the aim of inspiring and guiding new generations to experience change first-hand.

Tesisquare, which is embracing the TEDx mission for the second year in a row, aspires to become a model for young people who want to engage with the world of technology and then apply it in various digital ecosystems.

Working with TEDxMilano not only means inspiring new generations, but creating an ecosystem in which young talents, thinkers, entrepreneurs and curious people can pool their experiences to create the foundations of tomorrow’s world.

“At Tesisquare we strongly believe in the freedom to share ideas and in the power of connections. We need to rediscover freedom as a form of social interaction, and we are proud and confident that renewing this partnership will create extraordinary learning opportunities and open new horizons for all participants,” commented Massimiliano Basile, Marketing Director at Tesisquare. “TEDxMilano is committed to spreading free ideas that can change the world, just as Tesisquare is committed to open innovation, in which the continuous sharing of experience and expertise becomes the foundation for building successful businesses based on free ideas.”

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